The Revolution is here!

Ever wanted to make a video and publish it on OnlyFans – or one of the myriad of clones – and been told “No, you can’t do that. We wont allow that”?

In their defense, the people who have created those sites did not do it for Adult Entertainment. OnlyFans was originally made as a way for ‘influencers’ to make even more money on their silly dances and stupid pranks and for well-established celebrities to make even more money on their fame. It wasn’t meant for Adult Entertainers to use, but it has become the ‘norm’. OnlyFans, and every copycat platform of it, has become synonymous with ‘amateur porn’.

And their rules and regulations reflect that. OnlyFans is registered in England and Fansly is cypriotic, which means they have to follow all the rules and restrictions that comes with those countries. Those restrictions are imposed on ‘content creators’ from other countries as well, and they don’t really care whether or not it is legal in England but illegal in the country the content creator is from.

For instance; production, distribution and possession of adult content is illegal in Bulgaria, but there are quite a few bulgarian content creators on OnlyFans doing just that, but if that bulgarian girl does a fisting movie it is ‘against the rules’ on OnlyFans, because in England you aren’t allowed to do fisting in pornographic movies.

In short; the “Personal Adult Entertainment” platforms are a mess, but not only that – content creators believe they are the sole owners of their material, which isn’t the case. The company behind the sites own the same rights to use, distribute, sell, and produce derivatives of the material uploaded by the users.

The platforms are made by people who doesn’t know the adult industry, aren’t concerned with the needs and wants of the adult industry and doesn’t care as long as people continue to give them 20% of all income.

So, it is time for a complete overhaul of the Adult Entertainment Industry, and instead of “just complaining about it” we are doing something about it. We present to you an opportunity to be your own Master/Mistress, take full control and stop allowing greedy people to take advantage of you and your work at your expense!

The short version of is “we give you a bunch of new options and we take nothing from you”. We don’t charge percentages of your revenue and we don’t require any kind of fee for using our site. We are going to make money of; just not your money.

This requires a long explanation and you really should read the next pages very carefully because everything new and revolutionary requires a lot of explanation for anyone not already involved to understand how the concept is set up and why

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